Have a Mobile-Friendly website or Die in Google Search Results

You may have heard for “Mobilegeddon“. Don’t get hit by it. Since April 21st, it started hitting all non mobile-friendly websites. OK, if you are not terrified yet with this title, then read along and you will understand that you need to do something now.

The mobile-friendly website story is not a new one….

Remember when few years ago (around 2011) you have heard about creating a 2nd website that visitors will see when they browse your “desktop” website but from a mobile?

Yep, that was the case. It is not the same now, but that was the base. If your developer didn’t tell you about it then you were unlucky (at least).

Many have made the same mistake, either ignoring their web agency or simply never got informed. Now, it is the time to fix this and to fix it right.

8 Rules to know for having a mobile-friendly website

If you build it right today, then you can always upgrade it in a cost-efficient way. That is the secret. Build it in a wrong way and you will pay all the time in money, sweat and agony, over and over again.

Forget about the “70/80/90 usd quick/fast/simple” solutions. This is nonsense. The proper mobile-friendly website must show all content in both desktop, tablet & smartphones and must be one website and not 2 different ones.

The “guy” who promises a “cheap” solution with different websites is an ignorant and is going to drag you down to his ignorance. Forget about your “cousin” or any “free” or “costs a dime” solutions. It is your business, not a hobby!

A mobile-friendly website, must have all its code optimized for desktops, smartphones and all these for Speed and Security, where all these sum up to: Be Friendly For Google. To have a proper optimized website you need to optimize around 30-40 rules in code and server. Can you? Not, unless you are an experienced web developer.

Speed is an essential factor for Google to push you higher in Search Results.

Google has rules. Ignore them and you will sink. Make it right and you have your chance.

You may say to yourself “But my website is visible from a tablet”.  The answer is: All sites are visible from a tablet or a smartphone. That doesn’t make them mobile friendly, neither responsive. Ask us.

Hire a professional! Like us in ChannelDoubler. We are in the market for 10 years now and we do know how to make things right! You cannot avoid it.  A Major Common Question is: “If I make my website mobile friendly will it rank at the top of Google results?” NO! You need SEO, you need digital marketing services and all these together and done right will rank you.

Why Google did that change?

The answer is quite simple: The amount of people who browser from their tablets and smartphones is around 50% and increasing. That is why. So, where you will be? Down under or higher?

What a Fast Google Mobile-Friendly website looks like

See the A & A grades for a demanding website (heavy in images).

Mobile-Friendly website

So, what your next step should be? Ask us. We will give you a fair and accurate proposal to transfer, modify your website in order to be a mobile-friendly website. We can do more than that, but let’s start with this one.

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