How To Best Sell in Amazon With Your Eshop 2022

Showcase and sell in Amazon. Sell your products in Amazon and utilize all the tools Amazon provides, without inserting them twice. We are here to inspire you with what you can do when you have the proper eshop, or no eshop at all.

Amazon is a complete and autonomous marketplace and if you want to sell in Amazon you can do it right. The marketplace giant is nowadays called as an ecosystem and is true.

Amazon provides not only the marketplace to showcase and sell your products, but a ton of tools and marketing options, so to minimize promotion efforts, save on logistics and thrive.

Of course, an Amazon eshop (or an eshop related to Amazon) isn’t something that you do with a couple of clicks. You need to set things correctly from the beginning.

It has its own challenges, but still remains a great opportunity just because:

It hosts and serves to millions of people coming under a single roof

By having a correct eshop, you can promote your products through your platform, directly inside the core of Amazon. You can partially use your eshop as an ERP system, where you manage your products and present them all over the planet. The same, through the same logic and tools, can be done for eBay, Google Merchant, Etsy, and so many more platforms.

With one tool, you can spread your products like blazing fire.

Imagine having a central system, implemented in your shop for selling wherever you are allowed to sell on the planet:

  • With doing all the work twice
  • With numerous logistics choices, even having Amazon handle the delivery for you
  • With multi marketplace orders counted in one place, so to optimize your channel performance along with your marketing
  • Getting all the reporting you need so to define what works best for sales
  • Connecting all under a 3rd party ERP (i.e. Zoho or other)

It doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of opportunities that we can help you discover and utilize, to make your business thrive.

The Basics to Sell in Amazon

You need the following and we can help you :

  • Build or modify your eshop
  • Build the professional account in Amazon Marketplace (Seller Central)
  • Having you sell in Amazon, even without an eshop

You can sell anything that relates to the product categories of Amazon:

  • Fashion, Clothing, Shoes
  • Technology
  • Games
  • Child Care
  • Home Improvement and DIY
  • Health and Beauty
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Sports, Hobbies, and Outdoors Gear
  • Cars or Bikes
  • And more…

Sell in Amazon and easily handle your orders

  • With automatic insertion and synchronization of Amazon orders with your regular orders, or with manual insertion
  • You can print your orders in PDF and automatically send the receipts to your clients along with any other documents
  • Automatically update and monitor your overall stock with advanced stock management

Selling in Amazon and Marketing in Amazon

Imagine having functionalities like Repricing! On top of that, don’t you want to know the prices your competitors offer for the same products?

Wouldn’t it be great to know which are the best-performing products that are the same as yours, or the one Amazon promotes mostly and why?

Monitoring of Prices, Competition and of Opportunities

Do you want to know the current sales price of similar or the same products in and out of Amazon? There is a solution for that.

Do you want to spot (on the same day) the campaigns your competitors run for their products in Amazon, in Social Media, in blogs and other websites? There is a solution for that too.

The possibilities are almost limitless.

Delivery of Orders

When you use the system of Amazon to deliver your products, then your clients are immediately informed of their orders with the code to monitor the status of their orders.

You can combine your other delivery services like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and fully automatize the process.

Logistics and Storage

You can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, in order to handle the delivery of orders from different/multiple storage locations.

All these sound nice, right? You do understand the hours and resources you save with correctly utilizing all this technology, right?

All the money you save can be used for marketing.

Imagine each of your products presented in Amazon with its variations (size, color, weight, material or other) so the customer can choose the best option.

You can have full control when you sell on Amazon. The same as you handle your own website. It is like multiplying your stores with almost zero additional resources.

Do you want more? You can even share the same promotional and discount rules in your eshop and in Amazon.

There is no need to do the work twice and monitor things twice. Make a discount offer in your eshop and simply click to synch it in Amazon too.

Take all these ideas and concepts and multiply the same functionality, with the same resources to even more Channels and Marketplaces (eBay, Google Merchant, Etsy, and more).

The possibilities and capabilities, simply add up!

Sell in Amazon FAQs

Do I need an established business so to sell in Amazon?

You need to have an entity that allows you to get validated in the Amazon Seller program. Depending on the nature of your business, things vary. We will help you with what is needed.

Do I have run Marketing Campaigns inside Amazon?

You may noticed that when you use Google to search for something, the engine also shows results from Amazon. That is because Amazon lets its content getting indexed from Google. Facebook does the same but since Facebook is not quite working in the same way, it can’t drive the same as Amazon does. You can do organic and paid campaigns in and outside of Amazon. There are many different options and even Amazon has its own Marketing and Promotional program.

Do I have to do SEO for Amazon?

Yes, you have to do SEO for your products since your product pages (as in your eshop) are indexed by Google. So, Search Engine Optimization is needed for Amazon too. You need to know the correct queries, so to optimize your product titles, descriptions, photos and more. We have tools to research all that either they be for Amazon or not.

Can I sell whatever I want all over the planet?

Yes and No. There are rules and demands depending on the nature of your products. Accordingly, theree are flexible solutions and even Amazon commissions adapt in the same way. Amazon provides multiple ways to do your work, but a good strategy is needed.

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