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A Google Ads Agency you can trust for advertising. We generate 1300+ qualified leads per client per month. Get a 35% increase in sales & 300% in quality leads. 
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Why Use a Google Ads Agency?

Advertising on Google using a Google Ads Agency is critical to a comprehensive performance marketing and digital marketing campaign. The decision of what to promote through Google results from the comprehensive technical and financial strategy you have drawn to promote your products and services.

Advertising on Google is a complementary way of promoting the business. In exceptional cases, it can be the only way of advertising.

It assumes that you have done a good analysis of how your target client is searching for what you are selling and how easy, complex, or costly it is to climb with SEO or other actions in search engines.

From the data of this research, it is also clear what a Google Ads Agency must do for you and any other form of advertising.

The mistake many businesses make is not to do this initial research and thus start either with running Ads only (spending the entire display budget there), only doing SEO or something else. Complete the Business Analysis questionnaire, and we will tell you what to do.

Which Ad Mediums does a Google Ads Agency use?

The advertising media provided by Google are as follows.

Google Ads Search

Google Ads Display

YouTube Ads

Shopping Ads

Performance Max

Google Ads Services

Our associates are Certified Google Partners.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Google?

The cost of advertising on Google is affected by the following factors, which are – typically – the set to run ads properly.

  • The variable cost per click of the search terms you will bind to the campaigns.
  • Geographic targeting.
  • Similar actions of competition.
  • The time and day (accordingly) display of the advertisements.
  • How often do ad content and keywords change?
  • The quality of your website and, specifically, the landing pages of the advertisements.
  • The quality and relevance of advertisements.
  • The devices where the ads are shown.
  • How well the campaigns are set up in all their details.
  • How closely the campaigns are monitored and how correctly and regularly they are optimized.
  • The industry you operate in (competition-related) can drive costs down or up.
  • The agency fee for the actions and the number of actions it has to take, both for the initial setup and for monitoring and optimization.
  • The costs for images, videos, graphics, or any other material needed for the 1st month and each month after the 1st.
  • Setting up Google remarketing actions, audiences, reports, and tags.
  • Connecting and setting up CRM tools.

How do you win With a Good Google Ads Agency?

The secret is precisely that. Get all campaigns and tools set up correctly to optimize for the best performance. Only with a correct Google Ads setup, you will have correct conclusions. When set up correctly, you will have the following:

  • You can convert high-quality leads into sales (ask us for related performance case studies).
  • A higher conversion rate of visits to sales.
  • Very good remarketing to those who didn’t buy the first time.
  • Excellent filtering of existing customers vs. non-customers so you don’t spend budget unnecessarily.
  • Excellent CTR (Click Through Rate) against “just” traffic.
  • Cheaper CPC (Cost Per Click) when you also improve the quality of each Landing Page.
  • Constantly optimized target audience.
  • Correlating and combining actions with Social Media Campaigns and avoiding showing ads to the same audience that already saw the ad on one channel.
  • Amazing brand awareness.

Keep this in mind: When set up and maintained incorrectly, Google advertising costs a lot.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Ask us anything you want about our Google Ads agency services. We will answer openly, with our fees, what to expect, and how much ad spending budget you should calculate.