About Our Company

ChannelDoubler specializes in eCommerce and Digital Strategy, Creating Eshops, Corporate Websites & SEO Strategies for International and Local Businesses. We are developers and consultants.

Data+Implementation = Success

This is our way of acting as consultants and as makers for all our services. Those who collaborated or even discussed with us found that we always talk about everything with data and evidence.

When you talk to us, you find that we do not try to sell you anything. Instead – with complete transparency – we advise you on what is best for your needs.

You quickly realize that we are always in the mood to listen to you carefully to suggest the best direction for you. This approach has always been the backbone of our way of working.

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prestashop development

We make your success our priority

ChannelDoubler is an independent digital marketing agency with 17 years of experience in its field. The relationships we build with our customers are long-lasting and enduring.

Our commitment to our customer’s success and solving their needs is the component and motivation behind the consistently high quality of our services.

Our mission is to provide services that bridge the gap between technology and business needs so that the company wins in the area in which it operates.

A strong core, strong team

Our partners are located in different countries and bring local and international experience. The philosophy of Digital Transformation, which we apply to our customers, has governed our way of operating for over 15 years.

For the needs of each project, we know precisely how to compose the team that will implement it and supports it after its completion. With a stable team of partners, we can undertake or participate in any project that has a national or international character.

From the beginning of our activity, we have learned to work with groups of clients (direct customers, advertising agencies) for projects with different requirements.

Hotel Web Design
Web Design & SEO Services for Hotel Chain
E-Commerce Development for Retail eShop
Business Research for Consulting Company
Digital Marketing for Luxury Restaurant

What makes us different?

We really listen

We listen very carefully. We are trained to listen first and -then- to ask until we reach the maximum possible depth of the challenge we are called to face. Start the discussion and find out.

We are experts

We have been doing this work for many years and we are evolving within the Digital space. Our know-how has cumulative results for you. That is why other agencies use us and for their own clients.

We take it personally

Every project is a project to which we pay attention. We provide free advice – in addition to the contract – and we take care to achieve your goals. That’s why we are even constantly in the market.

We like communication

We inform you about the progress and each phase of the project. You always know where you will participate, what we will need, and when, but also when everything will be ready. Before you ask us, we have already sent you the plan and the way of implementation.

We are honest

We are open and transparent and we tell you everything before our cooperation. For anything, we have evidence that shows you a better direction you will learn from the beginning, without hidden costs, without surprises.

We are not expensive

They say we are the “best value for money”. We do not charge with who the client is but with the requirements of the project. We know the market and we know what a good project means and at what price you will get it as such.