WordPress Support Services for Growth

We provide top-notch month-to-month WordPress and WooCommerce Support so you can sleep worries-free!
Wordpress Support Hosting

How do our WordPress support services work?

We provide flexible solutions for any-size business in a month-to-month concept!

Business Protector

 150€ 170 /12 months

Basic WordPress support for small websites:

  • Security check
  • Compatibility check
  • WP Platform & Plugins Update
  • Backup & Rollback service
  • WordPress Hosting Performance Reports
  • Basic S.E.O advisory

The “Bundle” Pack

450€ 380 /12 months

Everything in the Business Protector, plus:

  • Hosting: Up to 10 GB of server space
  • Fully optimized WordPress hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy transfer of your account
  • Email accounts: As much as you like
  • Access to your WordPress hosting via Cpanel

WordPress Pro+SEO

 750€ 850 /12 months

Everything in the “Bundle” package, plus:

  • SEO Analysis for 20 keyword terms
  • Analysis of current Speed Issues
  • Analysis of current Security Issues
  • Speed Optimization (excl. theme coding)
  • Optimization Before/After Report
  • Security Optimization
  • Proper SEO plugins setup
  • One Hour of Mail Support per month

Why do you need our WordPress support?

To have a secure site & less stress for your business.

WordPress and related plugins produce security and performance-related updates several times a month. When something breaks, you need it fixed.

You want the best performance and security.

Different plugins, themes, and WordPress hosting need maintenance like your car. They need monitoring, optimization, and solutions to issues.

Focus on growth and sales, but not on the “tech.”

SEO consists of 200 points(!). You need to ensure your website meets the standards of search engines & needs with SEO.

Customer success stories

What do they think of our WordPress Support Services?
filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

I am very demanding, and Christos was very patient with me from the beginning, updated my site the way it needed to be & corrected a lot of the wrong coding of my previous developer.

P. A. – Manager

filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

Very helpful with a hacked site situation.

I. K. – Manager

filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

The most professional developers we had ever had. They went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied. I can’t recommend them enough! Thanks!

G. P. – Manager

filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

Happy with work, very time-efficient.

L. A. – Manager

filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

Super quick in replying and fixing the issues and went even further with more advice. Very happy. I feel much better now!

M. L. – Manager

filoxenia istoselidvn web hosting and support

Very knowledgeable and eager to help.

R. D. – Manager

Frequently asked questions

Do you need WordPress Support and WordPress Hosting Services?

Are there discounts if I have more than one website for WordPress support?

Yes, of course. We appreciate that a lot. We also work with agencies, individual designers, and developers, as well as with IT companies. Please send us an email and let us know what you need.

Can I change my WordPress support plan after signup?

Yes, you can! You change your billing preference and the package you prefer. Just drop us a note, and we will transform it for you. Please keep in mind that plans are calculated on a 12 monthly basis.

Do I sign a contract that limits me?

Not at all. You are free to quit our services any time you want. With our care and work, it is like earning you every month. This is what we call actual customer service.

Do you provide WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services?

Yes, we do, and our plans are affordable and of excellent quality. Prices vary depending on each project’s needs, but our server is optimized for WordPress.

How come you know so much?

We carry more than 15 years of experience. Of these, five are with WordPress exclusively. We are developers and designers creating complex or straightforward WordPress projects. We understand a project not only from its technical aspect but from its business aspect too. We know WordPress in and out since who knows better than those who build on it?

I am interested in becoming an affiliate/re-seller. Do you provide such?

Yes, we do on a per-case basis. Contact us to discuss your case and models of cooperation.

Is there a limit to updates and support I receive for my fee?

Usually, we do one complete update per month (sometimes two). The reason for that is that we need to be sure that all updates to the plugin and theme developers’ issue are compatible with your WordPress version.

Maybe a 12-month WordPress Support package is not for me. Can you suggest something else?

Let’s discuss this. Our 12-month prices are discounted. We offer 6-month packages too, but not at the same price.

What happens if some WP plugin or theme breaks my website after an update?

No worries. That is why we take a backup before applying updates. We will roll back to the “safe” working version and alert the plugin/theme developer to fix it and provide a solution.

What’s your refund policy?

A 100% fully guaranteed refund is granted during the first 30 days of our service provision. Spoiler alert: None of our clients have asked for a refund since they are delighted with our services.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept bank deposits and Stripe for recurring services. In all cases, if you need a specific way to pay for your service, just let us know.

For Whom WordPress Hosting Services Are?

Although the proper packages for proper WordPress hosting and maintenance start at not-cheap prices, the benefits will make your experience worthy once availed. All those individuals, major companies, and organizations who want to target a specific audience by launching their websites or blogs on WordPress would need the right WordPress hosting services to get themselves busy with other seemingly important tasks.

Additionally, WordPress hosting services are specifically for those individuals who want to experience the best of everything, such as speed, security, and support services, in a short period.

What to Look For In WordPress Hosting Providers?

A good WordPress hosting services provider accomplishes the seemingly ordinary tasks for your website. The installation of WordPress, the migration of the old website to WordPress (or migration from your current hosting), addition/management/update of a plethora of themes and plugins, and, most important, manually checking compatibility issues before any updates. Also, the management of the regular backups, handling of all the security threats, and the management of the web traffic in such a way that your regular website traffic considerably surges; all of these factors are efficiently dealt with by your WordPress hosting server providers.

How to Migrate Websites With A Competent WordPress Hosting Provider

A petty services provider will make your experience a terrible one regarding the migration of the website from one server to another. But this problem will dissipate with excellent service providers without you knowing that your website’s migration has occurred. A great WordPress hosting service provider will complete this process without your website ever facing downtime, thus making the process less painful for you. Moreover, they will perform elaborate tests on your website on their personal servers before switching the DNS information.

Overall, having a web server optimized for WordPress is an excellent move on behalf of your website. Furthermore, such web servers can also maintain the maintenance and support service departments of your website while you focus on something more important to you and your website, which is ‘content.’ You might be tempted to save a few pennies by reserving these two departments for yourself, but this way, your website will be badly affected as your mind will be divided between the tasks at hand and tasks to accomplish.