E-Reputation: The Next Step of Web Marketing

Online Reputation Monitoring is the new service that has soon arrived! Now you can monitor the reputation of your company on line. Learn what it is being said and written about you, not only in the Internet but also in any kind of media and Press that is radio, newspaper, on TV etc.

Since the reputation of a company is the key factor for its success, it is of utmost importance for all the businesses to be informed about discussions and comments of the public, both positive and negative, so that they can mould properly their marketing strategy of their company.

Do you know what your clients say about your products or services? What your competitors?

Monitoring the reputation of your brand doesn’t need to be a complex and time-consuming task for you.

We assume to provide you with this service, doing all the periodic checks for you and sending the relevant reports to you.

As such, you can be abreast of everything that is being ‘heard’ about your brand on a daily basis. We can provide it either with a flat fee per year or with monthly hire.

To add more, Online Reputation Monitoring is a flexible service that fits to the very special needs of every company.

It is not a fixed package. You are free to choose the criteria you like.

It is a service that addresses to Marketing Consultants and Public Relations Managers.

E-Reputation is definitely the next step of Web Marketing…

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