What responsive design is

The term can be self explanatory but it is not. Actually it is not simply aesthetics design. Responsive design is a combination of structure, coding and logic design that allows your webpage to shape shift depending on the medium/platform someone sees it.

So, it has a specific look in a desktop machine browser (like Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, etc) but when you see it from a mobile or tablet or other the whole interface keeps its functionality (plus more). Also it presents information, images, slideshows, galleries, posts, etc in the content frame of each device viewer. So your website looks good a user can navigate through it when viewed in iPad, iPhone, Android(s), WP7 Explorer browsers, etc.

The result is amazing and you will see (try to browse channeldoubler.co.uk from your iphone  or other) that i.e. your main menu changes to another way to navigation utlizing the capabilities of your device platform! Responsive design is here and is part of future design. To have one website accessible from everywhere.

Common questions/answers:

  • Do I have to have different versions of my website? No!
  • Is it faster? Yes
  • Can I find templates, support, etc? Yes!

Our experience

Well, actually, we are “of the business”. This means we know a bit more technical “things”. However we had to:

  • Combine a static website and a corporate blog with lots of articles and photos into one fully responsive dynamic website.
  • Perform SEO modifications, Feed alterations, etc

The result

One person started merging the main company site with the corporate blog. Two different things in one. It took him… 3,5 hours to completely shifted from one case to a completely different one. Cost for a 3rd party to do this? Lots! Do it yourself? Well, your time only.

That is why we say that anyone, by utilizing the proper tools and knowing what is doing, can learn to do things right.