Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We decided to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s still early to pinpoint specific things we need to be improved but we find that first and early impressions from the usage and usability of such a big environment are crucial.

The reason is that according to our opinion- a CRM must be easy, flexible and the user has to be able to play and familiarize with it in a day or two. Ok, for specific tasks and the philosophy behind the adaptation of a CRM, a more in depth training is needed but one should be able to grasp it fast.

Otherwise it will end up to another difficult software.

We have to say that it is a very good environment. It’s easy to get around with it and actually it helps sales people to drive through it via a rather nice logic it has. I would however wanted the Import Data functionality to be more flexible, but I am OK with it so far. Perhaps in future enhancements this procedure would be more flexible. The whole application seems to work (almost) well with MS Outlook 2007 also. Apart from a few glitches to work around with the Contact’s folder. On the other hand the very same glitches show eventually how must someone have fully organized his pack of business or other contacts. Actually, we got some ideas and combinations I had never thought before and we are glad about it.

There are 2 versions to choose from. A cloud based one and a local one. Each one has it’s benefits depending on what a company really needs. However, we see everything in the market going to the clouds.

It’s logical. Apart from some security concerns, it’s far more flexible as a concept.

The decision for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM wasn’t an easy one. We tested various platforms both locally hosted and cloud based. We also tested open source ones. So far, we do not think that for something to make you feel safe an open source is the solution. We are familiar and work extensively with open source logic both for our clients and our projects. We love php, mysql and all related. We believe in open source for any platform or environment and support it.

But for CRM tasks, for Marketing and Sales we just didn’t feel we found something robust and flexible in open source. Even in the commercial open source area. There were OK environments but not just quite right. On the other hand some cloud solutions were very good but too expensive.

We will update this article or post another for the same subject as we move on with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.