Speaking the empirical Social Media language

Why must a business even enter in the process of investing human resources to explore and utilize the social media sphere? Many nice things have been written. We would like to add our own and completely practical and distilled conclusions so far. Not simply another theory.

This general market crisis simply gives the opportunity to reconstruct the way to do your work and business. In fact it gives tremendous opportunities, in a way that organizations who seem to have an issue with promotion to set the base ground for a better and meaningful one. Any business, whatever the scope and function.

By doing serious Social Media actions:

  • Governments can rise and fall. Literally. Though in the term governments we include a range of things. Aren’t they?
  • The reputation of an organization can rise and fall. True.
  • The results can come fast. Indeed. The more a team is well tuned and with strong will the faster it will come.
  • Size matters. Of course related to the desired result, the scope, target and available time resources.
  • You can’t push things to happen before their time. True, but related to what exactly you want to happen.
  • Being informed, courageous, sincere, honest and act for a a good cause will bring out results. True all the way.
  • The stock market of Social Media values utilizes people and their will for a good result. Not simply money goodâ.
  • Better now then never. True also. Also true is the term real and proactive.
  • Clear goals=Achievable goals
  • Clear goals + ignorance= waste of time.
  • Waste of time + ignorance = knowledge
  • Knowledge + clear goals = success
  • Test, change, measure, wear, develop, measure and tailor again.
  • Research and + application= success.
  • You may see the goal at the end of the tunnel but it’s people who will tell you if your sight is good and what you really see.
  • Open mind= Targeted actions.
  • Closed mind = Hopes and only that.
  • Break even comes after the point where profit begins.
  • Measure all that has any reason to be measured. Also true.
  • Everything is People. Forget technology. It’s just stands there.

So, what it takes to do some serious work in Social Media? Completely empirically we can say that it takes knowledge and an open mind.

And some associate reminded me these days, through a saying of John Maxwell:

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails


  • Do it right
  • Be realistic
  • It has a cost but not what they think it has.