Look dad. A social media expert. Wowww

Many things have been written around for social media professionals, experts, etc.

I say that the actual professionals are those who eventually:

  • Make new business through Social Media.
  • Create business relations.
  • Create relations, which eventually are translated to “something” (depending on the case… links or leads or actions).

How do you know if someone has experience in this area?

Here are some points to guide you around:

The person/company is in the web arena for long and is actively involved. But also…

  • Has tested, tests and investigated continuously models of social media per case. Not everything is applicable to all. For example: Twitter is not for every case unless there is a strong concept behind the actions through Twitter. A concept which is: A. Useful to your audience, B. Not boring to your audience
  • Has experimented with contradictory points of the same subjects, has tested the waters of social media, has gone behind the fence to see what also DOESN’T works…
  • Has Followed, Lead, Created, gone Guerrilla, gone visible. In any small or big scale.
  • Has provoked, sweet-talked, cursed, influenced, got emotional. Has laughed, cried, worried, felt in social media environment.
  • Knows what happens when you participate and when you don’t participate in social “things”. Both the goods and the bads.
  • Does know that social media is a trend and evolution of previous concept already existed. Has been around since then…

This for starters….

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