How important is Direct Marketing in a website or web campaign?

How important is Direct Marketing in a website or web campaign?

A self interview

Don’t be surprised if someday you see a google result for buying a car for you only, instead of 16.345.678 ones!!!

Q: Dear Sir, you mentioned that Direct Marketing is part of a web concept and mainly attaches or must attach to any proper actions of trying to reach one person online. Can you explain a little more about this?

A: Well, many wonder how can in an online population, who counts in millions, you are talking about Direct Marketing? How can this be possible? In fact Direct Marketing was always the concept!!! If you check the history of Web in terms of concepts and technology, you will see that actually online agencies who offered serious solutions tried to reach not the general population to spread a message, but the actual ones who would be interested in the short and long term to buy their products or service.

Further to that, the technology back then was not so useful and actually lots of efforts and time was needed to develop such a relation. For example prior to RSS and XML implementation and adoption, throughout the web, information stayed behind the walls of the website. Work could be done in Forums, BBS, Chats and more. Yet after the breakthrough with the evolution of semantic web things started being smoother for the Provider/Buyer concept.

And this still evolves. We are heading for web 3.0 and many say web 4.0. Where Profiling is the element of Direct Marketing. So actually this never ended. Companies and agencies wanted Demographics and  this is what they get. Through visible or invisible ways (social media, forums(!), websites, google analytics, metrics, blogs and more vehicles) agencies (like ours for example) can draw a diagram of performance and actions of visitors. Thus, we will see at the very near future almost one-to-one sales.

This will happen as for example Google will know exactly what you are interested at through your actions in search in a period of X years. Yet not only through Google but also combining Facebook, Twitter and other social media imagine that there can be a listing with each ones habits and actions online translated to Online Behavior!

Q: So Online Behavior will drive the Direct Marketing?

A: Yes! We need to understand that this is not something static. Is a dynamic actions as people grow older, have kids, get more or less income and thus they influence in their way of life the markets around them. So, your income gets better, you need to buy another car and you google it. Don’t be surprised if you see someday on your google search for buying a car 10 results directed for you only, instead of 16.345.678 ones.

All Search Engine mechanisms are logical to evolve or they will die. Perhaps it’s Google or Bing, or another one. I am sure strategic plans have being already made and so the battle has already begun. I read the other day that R. Murdoch is in some kind of discussion of de-indexing his organization sites content from Google and/or Microsoft. Why to do so, if not for money involved as content providers understand they feed the Search Engines with content. So perhaps they use google for publicity and google uses them. But content and actually how fast and accurate and often someone offers content to the public (I refer to valuable content) is a key to be in front.

Q: So what is the advice to Companies in the Greek market and not only?

A: Build projects that actually have to offer something. Combine in the correct way social media and necessary technology and produce value. Value has been used a lot as word in all years but I believe a few have understood what it means and what it is. You donâ’t have to go with a huge agency or a small agency. Call those who have something to offer and say and use their experience and knowledge.

Be ahead of times but not too far as things change. Many times large agencies tend to scare people with what is needed in terms of budget. The budget is not so big, but there is a need for commitment through proven results.

Success on a project comes usually from having a clear vision. Even in semi-difficult times like nowadays. In these days those who see and will, shall invest for their near and far future!

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