Hotels and star rating. An environment in shift mode?

The thing is that the very star rating standard of hotels (5 stars, 4, etc) is under reconsideration.

As many countries adopt this rating system for their hotels all these years (or under modification like Abu Dhabi) the fact that some (like British Tourism authorities) consider to change it is a huge thing to ponder upon. It becomes the fact that the star rating system is good for big hotels but somehow studies say it’s injustice for small hotels who don’t have the amenities to provide but they serve an excellent personal touch in comfort and food.

To cut it short: If hundreds of your hotel visitors say that your hotel is excellent then this, as it proves, influences not only your wealth and reputation but also shifts mentalities of countries.

The story behind the story

Actually this article is related to various posts and articles we have published about the importance of social media and e-reputation, plus the new aspects of hotel marketing. Also, points out the significance of visitors experience and their ability to actually influence the market worldwide. Through the last years reviewers and visitors of Trip Advisor, for example, have influenced the decisions of many for their leisure or business destination. High and low ratings shift opinions around. But Trip Advisor is only one (yet huge) source of info. Depending the country someone lives reads, monitors, searches and gets advice from a big number of resources. Like blogs, rss aggregators, other social media environments (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc).

All these environments have shifted from being simply a web log of experiences¬Ě but with combined actions become a tool and a Decision Information System which works in a common for all language.

It’s a huge change out there. Even if only some countries adopt the change still is big.

The whole hotel marketing environment is changing for good.

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